Team Calendar Sync

An Android & iOS application that syncs with your Exchange server. Shared calendars included!

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Did another user share an Outlook calendar with you that you want to view and edit from your mobile phone or tablet? Perhaps it is not showing up even after setting up your Exchange account on your device? Give Team Calendar Sync a try! Team Calendar Sync is the solution for syncing those shared calendars when Android and iOS do not.

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System Requirements

If your company has an Outlook Web App that your mobile device can reach that's a good sign the app will work for you. Two way syncing is supported provided you have editor permissions. Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and 365 are supported. Android 2.3+ and iOS 7.1+ are supported. A complete user guide with screenshots is posted on the project site. Additional information is posted on the wiki.

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If you get an error message while running the app, use the "Email Report" button to send a log file. You can view and create issue tickets on the GitHub project site. You can also email with a description of your issue. If the app doesn't work for you there is always an option for a refund.

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